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Tuesday, 24 January 2017 18:40

Full Release Countdown

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Getting closer to the full release of Breaking Wheel!

Great news everybody, after months of hard work Breaking Wheel has made it to early access! Retailing at 6.99$ or 4.99£ you can now find it on our Steam Early Access page, we look forward to seeing you guys there.

Find the game here!

"Is it that time already?" I don't hear you ask! Well the answer is yes, it is that time now. This week we go live with Breaking Wheel's early access, which means you will be receiving a lovingly crafted top quality sidescrolling, 3D, action platformer, puzzle game made by the most predominant names in Bethesda modding with 35 unique and exciting levels, 25 glorious and customizable skins and hundreds of hours of fun for the great price of only 6.99$

Now there will of course be a celebratory post going up letting you all know when the game goes live, but for today let us just take a quick roll down memory lane. On July the 12th one of the biggest modders Darren "DDProductions83" Deaton left the modding scene to start making his own game in Unreal. After some fiddling Darren posted this on the 19th of July:


Hey all, hope you are all enjoying your advent calendar chocolate. Just to let you all know the game will be releasing in early access on the 12th of December 2016. This week's interview is with Justin, also known as Gandr.

Hello all,

just one month until Christmas now, so I hope you're all getting in to your Christmas spirit. We have a big blog post this week, including alpha play testers, an interview with the lovely Auja and the teams pick for the current steam sale. So first up is the interview!

Hey all, Welcome to this Friday's blog post. This week we have a interview with Etienneh99 and a sneak peak at some skins coming to the main game. So with out any further ado here is this weeks interview.

Hey all, today we have another video from Darren. Here you can see a showcase of all the current into cutscenes planned for the early access.

Hia all, this is a new thing I am going trying to do weekly on Fridays where I interview one of the team members of IMG. If you have any questions that you would like to ask feel free to let me know in the discord server. So without further ado this weeks interview is with Ryan (aka "Ryagard") Breaking Wheels Lead Level Designer.

"What great post do you have for me today?" I don't hear you ask. Well my task this week was to make a level my Boss had already designed. The level will play a major rolle in the game and is composed of two areas, a village and a castle. I was given a barebones template and had to use my skills to make something that looks good, well I hope it does! We will be focusing on making the exterior of a small village in this post.  


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